Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Bactera


People are looking for youth in other places and taking risks every day. They have sold their body for promise land to bacteria, the ruler of smelly earth. Bacteria claim eternal life when they took over the blood group's body to live in. By the way, flies don't have blood. Flies that live in people as maggots mimic the body of people and pretend to have blood. Carrying blood make the flies that came out people a mimicker or camouflager and pretend to be humans. The insects mimic their leaders, bacteria, and use us as pods.

So, people are not used to dying because before they make bacteria their contractors they never died. We died because we house bacteria, the decaying so called holy spirit, in our body. Bacteria are not supposed to live in our body. But bacteria tricked our species into letting them live in our body for promise land, wealth and power, which bacteria stole. The contractors don't have anything honestly because they are just slaves. The rich people are zombies of the bacteria living inside them, which control them totally. Even the lands that people are dying for through war don't belong to them, but to bacteria, the rulers of earth.
Since people have become zombies, even when they talk, bacteria talked through them and for them. Bacteria use the body that humans gave them to perfection. Bacteria cannot be perfect because they decay the environment they live in and that is why man decays as soon as they are born and breathe the decaying air on decaying earth.

So bacteria force mankind to accept the deal made by causing disaster in the environment,its kingdom. Bacteria cause earthquake, twisters, hurricanes, flood, and all disasters, even car accidents. But bacteria are afraid of fire and set to conquer the sun, the flame planet. They have conquer fire using the firefighters, and they are waiting for the sun to die. The sanitizing products that we have, Bacteria sell them very expensively to prevent from being annihilated by those that contract with them. By preventing the poor from acquiring sanitizing solution and bug killing products, bacteria claimed eternal life.

So, mankind look for other means to look young refusing to ditch bacteria. They have the means and power to get rid of bacteria even from the clouds using satellite, but bacteria make them improve its realm with their knowledge and keep using all their knowledge to build futuristic realms for bacteria. Bacteria laugh at the poor zombies. In the meantime, humans who contracted with bacteria are raising their children for bacteria so bacteria's realm can be always maintain. So, any time you hear someone mentions the word "god", you have heard parasites talking. God is the word parasites used to address their leaders. They thank their leaders for giving them the privilege to acquire perfect people and made them their shells or machines.

From: http://www.sciencenews.org/view/generic/id/60844/title/Botox_injections_put_a_crease_in_emotional_evaluations

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